Friday, 31 March 2017

Blue Skys Rosie Dress

Hello again,

As I said in my previous post, here is my strappy, boned, full version of the Sew Over It Rosie Dress. Made out of some blue and white flowery cotton from Barry's Fabric Warehouse in Birmingham - or as I like to call it - Fabric Heaven!

So, you can probably tell from the pictures, that I have the same problem with this dress as I did with my previous Rosie dress - it's now too big for me, having lost more of the baby weight since making it towards the end of the summer. Annoyingly, because this has the boning inside it, it's going to take more time to re-size than the first version!

This time round, I had enough fabric to make the skirt from the pattern as well. This skirt takes A LOT of fabric, so if you're thinking about making it, make sure you buy plenty of fabric. I also lengthened the skirt by about 2.5 inches to make sure it fell below my knees - which is my preferred skirt length.

I found the method of attaching the boning outlined in the pattern instructions really fiddly, so it really doesn't look neat on the inside of my dress. Next time round I'd be tempted to just put it in boning casing even though it doesn't need it as its the plastic boning that's used for this pattern not the metal boning. At least that way I can sew straight down the edges of the casing and it'll be less fiddly.

I also messed up the collar on this dress so it doesn't sit evenly (you can see it in the first picture). It's kind of annoying but I really can't be bothered to go back and change it so it'll have to stay that way.

Other than that though, Lisa Comfort's instructions were, as always, easy to follow and straightforward. I love the style of this dress so I definitely have plans to make at least one more version. I have some lovely summery yellow gingham in my stash which I think would look great as a sun dress with this pattern. I just need the time to sew! There won't be any sewing in these parts for the next few weeks though, as were moving from the UK to Austria at the start of April, so everything is having to be packed away ready for shipping. But once were set up over there, I'll hopefully finally find time to sew again. I've already scoped out fabric stores in the city we're moving to. It looks like there's a store much akin to Barry's in Birmingham (possibly even better) so I may have found my new fabric mecca!


  1. It looks fab! And yes, Barry's is most defiantly fabric heaven. On my way there today to stock up =D Have a great weekend. xxB

  2. Looks lovely and summery!