Wednesday, 13 April 2016

FINALLY!!! Another finished project. Tilly and the Buttons Delphine Skirt.

Hola Chicas! I hope I find yo all well on this sunny Wednesday!

I've finally been able to start and finish a sewing project. Technically this isn't the first sewing project completed since the little boy was born but the other project (A Gertie Pencil Skirt in animal print) turned out to be far too big for me after my post baby sizing adjustments, and I have yet to sort it out. Which is a shame because not only do I love a good pencil skirt (as seen here and here), but I also love the fabric.

Anyway, enough of the failed pencil skirt for now and on to the first finished (and wearable) sewn item post bubba. A Delphine Skirt from Tilly's book Love at First Stitch.

I made a trial version of this way back last year (never blogged) and found that I needed a sway back adjustment before it fit properly, because of the high waist. So it got put in the to be finished pile and forgotten about until a couple of weeks back when I decided I needed to make a few things that would actually fit me now as I was bored of jeans and t-shirt combos.

I took out about 1" from the back skirt piece at the centre back, tapering to nothing at the hips, by marking then slicing the pattern piece about 2 1/2 " down from the top.

Then I overlapped the pieces at the centre back by 1" and taped it down.

I also added 2" to the length because I don't like my skirts too short and I always need to add length because of my height. Other than that there were no other adjustments to the pattern. Tilly's instructions were, as always, really clear.

And because I can, so why not, I used some lovely yellow chevron fabric, left over from the boys quilt, for the facing.

The skirt fabric is some navy brushed cotton polka dot which I found at a charity shop a couple of years ago.

All in all a satisfying and simple make and one I'm sure I'll get loads of wear out of.

Up next (once the fabric arrives) is  TATB's Bettine Dress, using some sage green chambray fabric from Croft Mill. I also bought this blue chambray to potentially make another version, or some other summery dress.

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  1. Yay for sewing your first project since littl'un, looks great! x