Thursday, 14 January 2016

Finished project: baby cardigan

Hello all. Hope you're well. I have a finished knitted make for you today. I've finally got round to finishing the Baba's cardigan from this Patons booklet.

I started it back over half term at the end of October and only had the button band and hood band to finish when he came along, so it got sidelined whilst I coped with being sleep deprived and keeping a little person alive. Finally finished it last night. Yay!

I picked out this green wool as I didn't know whether buba was going to be a boy or girl so it seemed to work for both. The pattern is called Corey.

I really love the ridged stripy effect the pattern creates. The make was quite straightforward once you got used to the pattern repeat and I was able to do a lot of it without constantly needing to check back to the pattern, which was a refreshing change for my knitting as I normally need to check constantly to remind myself.

I only did one button and button hole in the end as a rarely actually button up the cardigans I have already so figured I wouldn't button this one up either really.

Next up a crochet hat for him using this pattern. I'm going with a petrol blue colour and I'm going to add on a purple pom-pom for good measure, because, why the hell not!


  1. Thanks both. Can'd decide whether to make another version in a bigger size or go for something else instead for the next one. Decisions decisions!