Thursday, 17 December 2015

Finished project: Christmas cake

A little Christmas make for you today. My first ever home made Christmas cake. In the past I've made Christmas puddings but never bothered with Christmas cake until this year.

It's a traditional fruitcake but since I'm not the biggest fan of normal marzipan I made an orange flavoured marzipan instead.

It's the first time I've decorated a full sized cake too - having only decorated cupcakes in the past.
overall, I'm very happy with this make.

Merry Christmas too you all.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Finished Objects: An advent calendar and a 2 week early surprise!

Hello hello!

Hope everyone is well. So I managed to finish the advent calendar I was working on for Mr HM and I before advent began (very chuffed).

Not much to report in terms of the manufacture. Its a pre-prepared fabric panel from Cotton Patch which you cut out and sew together. Probably only took me about an hour in total from start to finish.

I've been meaning to make a reusable advent panel for years and finally got round to it so I'm very happy with myself!

In other news... this happened ... 2 weeks earlier than expected! Baby Felix.

One of the reasons I'm so chuffed with making the advent calendar is because I made it up after he was born - and he slept through the noise of the machine beautifully (yay for more sewing time when he's sleeping - that is when he's sleeping better at night and therefore I don't need to join him in a nap when he sleeps in the day!) :-)