Thursday, 28 May 2015

Finished Project: Megan Nielsen Cara maternity t-shirt

Hello all,

Sorry for the radio silence recently - my sewing has been a bit in limbo over the last few months because there's been no point sewing my usual stuff - having a wee one growing inside means that I'm fast growing out of all my old stuff and also don't fit into my usual size (and won't for a while). But at the same time, I'm still not big enough to fit into 'proper' maternity patterns (I'm 14 weeks so the bump will start to show pretty soon no doubt). Despite that, I've been sewing up a couple of maternity items anyway.

This t-shirt is a classic example - there is still no visible bump (although in the picture it kind of looks like there is) to fill this t-shirt but I'm generally wider and larger than I was (pregnancy is so flattering is it not) so non-maternity clothes I've made no longer fit comfortably.

On to the make though! Not much to say about this pattern really. It was super quick to make - probably an hour in total (after printing, sticking and cutting the pdf pattern, which always takes a while). One of the great things about jersey is that yo don't have to finish the raw edges as they don't fray, so one less thing to do.

I lengthened the pattern pieces by about 1 1/2 inches as I made a mock up in cheap jersey and it was way shorter than I'd like, but other than that no alterations. I've got a stack of jersey waiting to be sewn so no doubt I'll be making more of these over the next 6 months!


  1. Congratulations Helen, that's brilliant news! Hope pregnancy is treating you well so far. It's great that you're still making stuff. I was so sick for the first 16-20 weeks that I just couldn't do anything much at all - I remember it was really hard just going to work! The top looks great and I'm sure will see you thru the next few months too. Hope all is well xx

    1. Thanks Sabs! All good so far. Fingers crossed it stays that way!