Friday, 26 December 2014

Finished Project: Flowery 40's style shorts

Another finished project for you. This time a pair of summery, flowery shorts.

I used the Smooth Sailing pattern for these - a pattern I've used before to make a blue pair of shorts (though I'm yet to make any trousers from this pattern).

I wear the blue version of these shorts quite a lot, but I've found that the fabric is a little too stiff, so decided a cotton might be better this time round. I still wanted them to have some shape though so I underlined them with a white cotton I had in my stash. This seems to have worked really well if I do say so my self as they keep their shape nicely.

Not a huge amount to say about construction. The waistline / side seams on my blue ones were a smidge loose so I took them in just a quarter of an inch or so which has made them much more snug fitting and they don't ride up at the waist as much now.

I also did an invisible zip this time round, because that's what I had in my stash.

I wore these so much in holiday - they're just so comfortable! Hopefully I'll get round to making the trousers from this pattern at some point too!

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