Thursday, 19 September 2013

FO: Re-purposed table cloth to pretty napkins

A few weeks ago, I found a really pretty embroidered table cloth in the local charity shop - it was so lovely and for only £2, I couldn't resist buying it, even though it was square and so of no use to us whatsoever as an actual table cloth.

I'd acquired (ahem, half-inched) another embroidered table cloth from my Mum a week earlier and decided that, because the embroidery was all in the corners, it would be really simple to cut the table cloths in quarters, re-hem them and turn them in to pretty napkins instead.

Last week, I found another square table-cloth in another charity shop so decided to buy that one as well to give myself 12 really pretty, vintage napkins - all for the grand total of £5 - not bad me thinks!


  1. What a great idea! It would never have crossed my mind to turn a tablecloth into napkins! Though I have to admit, I'd be pretty nervous about wiping my mucky face on such beautiful vintage embroidery - I'm not a neat eater ;)

    1. Thanks Emma - I figure the table cloth would just go to waste so I may as well enjoy getting some use out of them as napkins! Know what you mean though - they're almost too pretty to use!

  2. What a lovely idea. I've seen a couple of these in a charity shop recently. Much as I wouldnt use it as a table cloth seems so sad for all that hard work to be wasted. Might pop back at lunchtime and see if they are still there!