Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Loaf and a Half - well more like a loaf, some bread , ciabatta and a few other bits and pieces

Hello all!

OK, this isn't a sewing related post, but it is something I made with my own fair hands so officially falls under the 'Helen Made' category! ;-)

My lovely hubby sent me on a surprise bread making course yesterday for my (soon to be) birthday. I'd been eyeing up this course for a while so I was ecstatic when I realised I was finally going to get to take part!

course was held at Loaf Cookery School in Birmingham - it's a social enterprise company, set up to try to bring good quality, well made food to people in the local area. We were there all day and got taught how to make loads of really interesting, tasty breads and loads of useful little tips for bread making when we attempt it on our own.

We were taught how to make a plain white loaf, wholemeal bread, straight yeasted dough, a sponge dough (for white / wholemeal loaves and rolls), a wet dough (for stuff like ciabatta) and sweet dough (for brioche). We also got to use some previously made sour-dough dough to make a couple of other rolls, the funny looking pretzel shaped bread at the front and pizzas for lunch, oh yeah and we made pitta bread too, but we ate that on the course so no pictures of those!

It was such a great day - I'd recommend anyone who lives relatively local to Birmingham to head to Loaf for one of their courses. They're well run and family friendly - the youngest person on the course was 11 - and full of loads of useful information. I can't wait to have a go at their sour-dough course now!


  1. Omg Loaf is literally down the road from me! I've been eyeing up this course too... Your makes look yummy! See you soon x

  2. Sounds great, and your breads look really yummy! There's very little that I'd prefer over a slice of freshly baked, buttered bread...