Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Me Made May '13: Days 6 - 10

Hello all, more outfits for you today. Thanks so much for the lovely comments on the first 5 days outfits!

So here we go...

Day 6
What: Smooth Sailing Shorts, with hand painted striped vest.
Where: At home and popping to the shops
Doing: BBQ with the family.

Day 7
Doing:Teaching all day, including measuring in numeracy, hence the choice of dress!

Day 8
What: Chicago Tribune 1950s mail order dress.
Where: Work
Doing: Teaching all day.

Day 9
Where: Work, then the pup
Doing: Teaching all day then pub quiz in the evening.

Day 10
What: Colette Patterns Peony Dress
Where: Work
Doing: Teaching all day


  1. Lovely outfits all the way! :) I love that you're able to coordinate dresses with your lesson plans!

  2. Love the colour of your Peony. And I like the outfit you built around the Meringue.

  3. so nice , great job .lovely outfit