Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Me Made May '13: Days 6 - 10

Hello all, more outfits for you today. Thanks so much for the lovely comments on the first 5 days outfits!

So here we go...

Day 6
What: Smooth Sailing Shorts, with hand painted striped vest.
Where: At home and popping to the shops
Doing: BBQ with the family.

Day 7
Doing:Teaching all day, including measuring in numeracy, hence the choice of dress!

Day 8
What: Chicago Tribune 1950s mail order dress.
Where: Work
Doing: Teaching all day.

Day 9
Where: Work, then the pup
Doing: Teaching all day then pub quiz in the evening.

Day 10
What: Colette Patterns Peony Dress
Where: Work
Doing: Teaching all day

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Me Made May '13. Days 1 - 5

Day 1: 
What: Swing Dress.
Where: To work
Doing: Teaching all day, followed by a pub quiz in the evening.

Day 2:
What: Pink Sorbetto with chinos 
Where: Work
Doing: Teaching all day.

Day 3: 
What: Grainline tiny pocket tank, with  chinos
Where: Work
Doing: Teaching all day, followed by  the pub for a meal and drinks with friends.   

Day 4:
What: Refashioned Ginger Skirt with pink vest and cardi.
Where: Home.
Doing: Out and about running errands.

Day 5:
Where: Home and in town.
Doing: Lesson planning and out shopping with the hubby.

Finished Project: Swing Dress Pattern

So, it's about time I got round to posting about the finished makes I've had waiting to be blogged about for the last few months!

First up is the Sense and Sensibility Patterns Swing Dress (aka Casey's Swing Dress Sew-along pattern). I bought this pattern back when Casey first mentioned doing a sew-along, and then wasn't able to take part so it got shoved in my pattern stash and forgotten about until Christmas. I can't remember what size I sewed up in the end, but I had to take out some of the ease just under the bust as it was really baggy and some of the ease on the back too, when I sewed up my muslin. This seems to have worked well though and I really like the fit of it now. I also added about 2" length onto the skirt to make sure it was long enough.

Generally this was a pretty simple make, except for the collar and collar facing. The instructions with the pattern totally foxed me but thankfully I had all of Casey's sew-along posts printed off and saved so when it came to sewing them, I had no problems in the end because Casey's instructions are pure genius!

I bought the fabric for this dress over Christmas - it's a viscose cotton mix and has a lovely drape, but that meant it could be a bit of a bugger to sew at times! Anyhoo, I managed it, and it's nice to finally sew with something other than cotton.

I decided to line the skirt because the fabric is quite lightweight and a bit sheer in bright sunlight. I used some china silk lining I had left over from one of my first sewing makes and hemmed it with some bias binding I had lying around. Not exactly the best colour combo, but I was determined to finish this in time to take away on my mini-moon to Edinburgh at the start of April and didn't have chance to go out and get any other colour.

I added some really pretty yellow purl buttons to the neckline, which I bought when I went to the NEC with Kat the other month. I knew they'd be perfect for the dress as there are small yellow flowers in the fabric pattern.

I serged all the edges - not very vintage I know, but I wanted to make sure the raw edges were all encased as the fabric frayed quite a lot.

I'm really glad I've finally got round to making this pattern as it's such a lovely dress to wear. I've worn it loads since making it so will definitely be making another one at some point - maybe in a nice solid colour for something a little different.