Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Still Here!

I am still here and have even managed to finish two sewing projects since finishing for Easter last week, but we're in the final count down to our wedding on Saturday so there's been little time to get photos of the finished items!

I've finally got round to sewing up the Sense and Sensibility Swing Dress Pattern that Casey held a sew-along for about 2 years ago - which is when I bought the pattern! Oops. It's actually a lot more straight forward to sew up than I thought it would be especially when I read the instructions for joining together the front and back at the shoulders! They made no sense whatsoever to me, but thankfully I had Casey's tutorial on hand to help. I'm taking the dress away with my on our mini-moon to Edinburgh next week so hopefully I'll manage to get some pictures of it then, so I can properly blog about the dress.

I've also made the pencil skirt from Gertie's book - so simple to make - I had it started and finished in a day which is kind of rewarding. I've got plans to make another in a green double-knit so we shall see how that goes. But it went together like a dream, so there will definitely be more of them coming along!

In addition to that, I have a yet to blog about wedding related clothing item that I actually finished back in January, but I'll post about that once the wedding is done with.

So there is some sewing going on, it's just a little hectic round here at the moment! Hopefully I'll be back in just over a week with some photos of all the finished makes to blog about in detail. But until then, enjoy the sunshine - I've got my fingers crossed it stays like this till Sunday!


  1. Good luck for Saturday, hope your wedding day is everything you've dreamed of and more! Can't wait to see some photos on here after the event and also if all your recent makes. Enjoy your day!

  2. Looking forward to see pictures of your finished projects ....