Wednesday, 19 December 2012

FO: Tapestry Cushion

So this was actually finished about 2 weeks ago, but I only got round to stitching the back piece and stuffing it at the weekend.

This is a tapestry pattern taken from Cath Kidston's 'Stitch' book, which I found in a charity shop earlier in the year. It was very simple to sew but I tended to just do the odd row here and there which is why it's taken me so long to finish it.

It's also a lot smaller than anticipated, so if I made it again I'd probably increase the size by at least 50% again to make  it a little bigger. However, it does the job of providing a comfy cushion to lean against on the sofa so I can't complain.

The front uses a variety of tapestry yarns and the back is made out of one of the fat quarters I won in Handmade Jane's blogerversary giveaway.

I have plans to use the other fat quarters for other sofa cushions when I get round to it. So THANK YOU Jane - it was the perfect giveaway prize for me!

In other news, I have another FO to post about at some point - I made a wearable muslin of Gertie's Bow Tie Blouse (sans bow tie) back before the Birmingham Blogger Meetup in November and wore it to the meet up for a bit of a 'wear-test'. I used it as a chance to have a go at my very first bound buttonholes as well as test for fit. Anyway, it stood up well and fitted so nicely that I decided to finish it off properly with a peter pan collar. So I'll post about that once it's out of the wash and ironed!


  1. How funny. I have that Cath K book but I don't have a tapestry pattern in it. Wonder if there are different editions.
    Turned out super cute though!

    1. Ah I've just realised I wrote the wrong book title - it's her Stitch book I got the pattern from - I have her Sew book too, which is why I got mixed up! lol.

  2. Cute cushion! And can't wait to see your gertie blouse. Just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for an award - more details at

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas and new year! Sabs x

    1. Thanks Sabs - I had spotted that but I've not yet got round to blogging about it. Hopefully i'll post about it before the year is up! That's the plan anyway...