Sunday, 4 November 2012

Birmingham Blogger Meetup

Now, as Marie has already posted in detail about the Birmingham meetup yesterday I won't add any more, other than to say what a FAB time I had and to say a huge thank you to Marie and Kat for organising such a great day. I can't believe I'd never been to Barry's Fabric Superstore before - just awsome! It was so lovely to finally meet some of the bloggers I follow in person and also meet some lovely new bloggers I didn't know about.

I will however, share the goodies that I came home with. I feel I was quite restrained with my purchases - I only bought 10m of fabric - that's not much, right?

Firstly I found this lovely wool fabric in one of the stalls outside. I asked for 1.5m and got nearly 2 since it was the end of the roll for a total of £6.

It's destined for a skirt - maybe the skirt that goes with Gertie's Starlet Suit Jacket Course since it's lying around somewhere.

Then, in the indoor market, Katie and I spied this gorgeous deep wine red wool fabric for £5 per m so we both decided to snaffle some of it up.

I came away with 3m of the stuff. I have visions of a cute wiggle dress. maybe the one from Gertie's book or one of the other vintage patterns I have in my stash.

Then, after visiting The Fancy Silk Store, where I was totally restrained and didn't buy anything, it was off to Barry's Fabric Superstore - basically a warehouse full of fabric of all kinds - amazing! I caved in when I got here and came away with 1m of this beautiful 100% wool fabric, which I plan on making into a pencil skirt (£11.95 per m);

And 3m of this amazing cotton, which I plan on making into a full skirted Cambie dress (about £5m I think).

Not only that, but after a lovely lunch in Cafe Soya, we had a bit of a mammoth swap, and I came home with all these goodies too!

Thanks to all the lovely, funny, friendly ladies who made this such a fantastic day!