Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Finished Project: Smooth Sailing Shorts

Another finished project today. This time it's the Smooth Sailing shorts from Wearing History. Now I just want to get this off my chest up front - I LOVE these shorts! I'm not really a shorts kind of person because I always think they're too short (yes I know they're called shorts for a reason, but there's a limit to how much leg I want to show).

I actually bought this pattern because of the trousers and the blouse. Silly me didn't actually read the details of this pattern fully so didn't realise there was a shorts pattern included as well. Bonus!

Never having made any trousers before (PJ bottoms don't count) I decided to make a muslin up first to check the fit. The waist fir fine and the length was great but I felt a little restricted across my little belly so I added a smidge of extra ease across the front without altering the waist size and made a second muslin to check. There are no pictures of the muslin, because, well, in all honesty, cream calico shorts really aren't that attractive!The second muslin fit fine so it was on to the actual fashion fabric.

I'd just like to note here that this pattern is SO easy to sew up. I made both muslins and cut out the fashion fabric in the space of an evening! I then put the proper version together the next night.

Excuse the slightly saggy bum in the picture above - I'd been wearing them all day and spent rather a long time lazing around on a sun chair so they'd lost their shape slightly.

I used a navy cotton twill, which is just so soft but with anough crispness to it to hold the shape of the shorts. I didn't have a blue zipper to hand so I just used a brown one instead - naughtly I know. but you can't actually see the colour of the zipper from the outside since the teeth are metal.

I can't wait to make up the full length trouser version of these bottoms come the Autumn - I just need to decide what to make them in. A slightly stretch demim from the stash (technially meant for a skirt) or more cotton twill like the shorts....mmm.... decisions, decisions!

All in all though, I thoroughly recommend this pattern!


  1. Helen, Los pantalones te han quedado genial. Te sientan fenomenal y los has hecho muy muy rapido!!!!!.
    Vas muy guapa!!!.

    Lo de la cremallera marron no se ve nada...


    Helen, you have pants looks great. I feel great and have done very very fast!!.
    You are very pretty!.

    The brown of the rack can not see anything ...


    1. Ah muchas gracias! They were very quickly made. I think I will have to make another pair very soon.

  2. Looks like you did a really great job with these shorts. I love the height of the shorts. Nice:)

    1. Thanks Mahaila! They're just the right length and I love the high waistband too!