Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday Roundup #2

Happy Friday readers! It's the second installment of Friday Round-up! Hope all those of you in the UK are enjoying the sunshine. I'm getting properly excited about the start of the Olympic games now - can't wait to see the opening ceremony later! Is everyone else getting excited for the Olympics too, or is it just me?

But, on to the round-up...

So I've completed the muslin for my bombshell dress. I can't quite believe I'm posting a picture of me wearing a skimpy flesh coloured bodice on the interweb - the sunshine finally coming out this week must have sent me somewhat doolally!

But anyhoo, it basically fits fine as it is, but I've decided to add the barest 1/2" at the waist to allow a little more room for the boning / underlining / lining. The muslin is quite snug at the waist at the moment so I think the finished bodice would be a little too restrictive if I left it as it currently is. Hopefully the extra 1/2" will just allow a little more movement without changing the fitted appearance of the bodice.

I've re-cut the underlining and main fabric pieces for the bodice, and plan to baste them this evening whilst watching the start of the Olympics.

I've also got a pair of 1940s style shorts on the go from Wearing History's Smooth Sailing pattern. I've done a muslin and hope to get the final version finished this weekend - they're super quick to sew up which I love!

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Enjoy the weekend everyone.


  1. Tiene muy buena pinta..
    Feliz finde para ti tambien..

  2. Wow that muslin looks awesome! (and complicated! super impressed).