Sunday, 1 July 2012

Finished Project: Grainline Studios Scout Tee and Tiny Pocket Tank

Sorry for the radio silence since the end of MMM. I wrote this post ages ago and then managed to break my camera before taking photos of this make so had to wait for the new one to show up!

Having seen so many lovely versions of Grainline Studio’Scout Tee and Tiny Pocket Tank, I just knew I had to get myself those patterns – especially after MMM ’12 showed me how lacking I was in tops!

I’m not the biggest fan of print out patterns, just because of how precise you have to be with the sticking together, but it doesn’t stop me using them if there’s a pattern I like – and I really liked the Grainline patterns!

So, once the pattern was stuck together and cut out, this has to be one of the quickest projects I have ever completed. It’s up there with the speed of completing the Sorbetto – I don’t think I spent more than 1 hour making this top! The instructions were so clear and simple; it’s definitely going to be a fall-to pattern when I fancy a new t-shirt.

I cut out the recommended size for my measurements, and although it’s meant to be a lose fitting top, it was a little too lose for my preferences – not that it matters as it’s still perfectly wearable both with jeans or tucked in to a skirt I think.
All in all a successful make. Also, look at these seams – notice anything special?

They’re serged… That’s right, I’ve splashed out and bought myself an overlocker (Brother…)! They’re not the neatest of serged seams, but I’m working on it.

As for the tiny pocket tank; well not quite as successful although still wearable. ..

So… being absolutely positive that I had checked the ‘scale to 100%’ box on the printer, and being positive that I had actually measured the scale box on the pattern, I happily stuck and cut the pattern and then cut out some black poly-cotton for it straight away. I spent a merry evening sewing away, only to try it on and have it straining across my bust! Now, I’m not exactly large of bust it has to be said, so I was at a loss to know what had happened. I found the scale box and measured it off with a ruler, only to find that it was 2 ½” square rather than 3” square… ooops!

In order to try and save the top, I decided to do a bit of a bodge job. I found some brightly patterned cotton in my stash and cut out two panels for the side seams and a new pocket. I stitched the new panels between the old side seams and replaced the pocket and voila! One wearable, loosely fitted, vest top.

I’ve since re-cut the pattern pieces so it’ll be ready for another vest when I get round to it.
In other news, I have traced the simplicity 1201 vest top pattern, graded it up to my size and cut out the muslin pieces to sew. I’m planning on getting the muslin sewn up this weekend.


  1. I like both your tops. I haven't heard about these patterns before, need to add them to my to sew list!

    I especially like the Tiny Pocket Tank, the added side panels look very nice!

    1. They are so easy to make, you should definitely give them a go! I would only say that you might want to go down a size from what's recommended for your measurements as they both have really generous amounts of ease which was justa little too much for my liking.

  2. Nice 'save' on the top - very clever! I've seen a lot of both of these tops on blogs, so it's good to know they are quite large/loosely fitted, as I suspected!

    1. Haha thanks! Yes the certainly have plenty of ease, so if you prefer things a little less boxy I'd cut a size smaller than recommended by your meansurements. They really quick to make up though - no more than a couple of hours max!

  3. Bonito blog, gracias por compartir, me gusta.