Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Me Made May '12: Days 5 - 8

Without further ado...

Saturday: Forgot to take a picture, sorry!

Black cord Ginger skirt; Red Sorbetto; black cardigan;
Tights; brogues
Sunday: Making the most of the sunshine on a muddy walk in Yorkshire

Self-drafted vest top (made from old dress lining);
blue chinos, next; mustard cardi, Zara; hand-knitted scalf
for when it got chilly
Monday: waiting to get in to our wedding venue to take measurements

Ginger skirt; striped t-shirt, Next; hand-knitted
Tuesday: Back to work we go... Apologies for the creased nature of the dress, I forgot to smooth it out before taking a photo and then the camera battery went dead!
First dress; red cardigan, Zara
There we have it - the first week and a day complete and so far, so good...

How is everyone elses MMM '12 going?


  1. Looking ace Helen! That red sorbetto is to die for xx

    1. Thanks Zoe! I think it'll get a lot of wear this month - it just goes with so many different things!