Friday, 4 May 2012

Me Made May '12: Days 1 - 4

Oh exciting, MMM '12 is here at last! (Apologies in advance for the poor quality pictures - I'm having camera issues at the moment!)

Rather than inundate the bloggospher with daily posts, I'm, going to post every 4 days or so with a round-up of my MMM outfits instead. So, let the fun begin....

MMM '12: Day 1
White sorbetto; Mustard cardi, Zara; blue chinos,
Next; Scalf, thrifted
This mustartd cardi is one of my favourites, so I generally love any outfit which includes it. But, having worn this white sorbetto a couple of times now, I've realised it doesn't fit as well as the red version. It's still wearable though, just not perfect.

MMM '12: Day 2
grey flowered Pendrell; red cardi, Zara;
 black work trousers

Mmm, this isn't the most exciting of outfits it has to be said, but I was in work meetings all day so needed to look smarter than usual. I haven't bloged about this make yet but you might recognise the material from my first dress - I figured I may as well make use of the left-overs for a Pendrell!

MMM '12: Day 3
Red Meringue; black verst and cardi;
 my new favourit shoes
I LOVE this skirt - it's been worn loads since I made it and will no doubt be worn plenty more. Not that you can see, but I wore it with a black vert and cardigan... and accessorized with a pair of 3D glasses, because, you know, that's just so cool! I watched the Avengers movie if you're interested - definitely worth a cinema trip!

MMM '12: Day 4
Re-fashioned striped top; green cardi, Next; jeans;
 animal print scalf, thrifted
Excuse the messy hair... Other than that, I quite like this outfit. Another item that hasn't been blogged about - a refashioned jersey top from a playsuit I found in the charity shop. Because it's jersey amd the edge of the top was serged already, I just cut the bottops off - simples! It has a really low back, which I love, although it does need to be worn with a vest underneath during cooler months:
Back view
I like the colour combo in this outfit, especially the fact that the scalf matches the colour choices so closely!

So how is everyone elses MMM going?

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