Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Finished Project: Gathered Skirt

One more make complete during MMM which gives me something new to wear finally! I’m starting to get bored of seeing the same items each day, although it has definitely made me think of new combinations of other RTW items to wear them with…

Anyway, on to the make. I really fancied a summer skirt in a really bold print – something that I wouldn’t necessarily otherwise buy. I found this fabric on the Frumble website (it’s called Love Birds Flowers in blue) and I thought it would be ideal for my summer skirt.

I decided to make a gathered skirt like in Gertie’s tutorial (Part one and two here) as that would allow the fabric to be really shown off. I used the measurements listed in the tutorial to give me an idea of how wide I’d need to make the skirt pieces and then just sewed it together.

I decided to sew the hem in contrasting bright pink thread using one of the stretch stitches on my machine which I quite like, although it used up a shed-load of thread to do it!

It only took an evening to make so it made a really quick and simple sewing project when I was desperate for something new to wear this month! So far it’s been worn once and it will no doubt make another appearance before the month is up!
Next up Simplicity 1201 version 3;

the Grainline pocket vest;

Photo from Grainline Studio website

and a 1950's mail order sun-dress from the Chicago Tribune;


  1. Your new is skirt is very pretty and those patterns are awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you make with them!

    1. Thanks Merche! Can't wait to get started on these patterns either.

  2. Gasp I have the same Simplicity 1201, one of the first pattern I bought and I've never gotten around to making it XD Will be interesting to see how it goes for you.