Friday, 11 May 2012

Current Projects

On the sewing table…

Colette Sewing Handbook, Pastille dress in pink cotton.

This is destined for a dress for a wedding I’m going to at the start of June. I’ve just finished the muslin to test for fit and I’m hoping to get on to the main version over the weekend.

On the basis of the finished measurements, I cut out a size 6 round the bust, grading to a size 8 at the waist. The finished muslin is marginally too long at the waist and also gapes at the back so I'm planning on taking off about an inch from the back bodice piece at the top, grading to nothing at the waist and shortening the pattern pieces by about an inch too. Has anyone else have fitting issues with the back bodice piece? How did you sort it out?

Gertie’s gathered skirt from her tutorial (see part one and part two if you fancy making one yourself). I saw this fabric on the Frumble website and loved it instantly.

I thought it would make a quirky skirt so bought myself 2m of the stuff last week. I’ve cut the pieces out but haven't got round to sewing them up yet. It might be another weekend project depending on how the Pastille dress goes.

On the knitting needles…
Agatha sweater.  I bought this pattern and the wool back in January when Lauren over at Lladybird started the knit-along, and then never quite got round to starting it. Seeing how good Lauren’s finished version looks spurred me on to get started, but as you can see, I haven’t actually got very far yet!

Toddler cardigan.

I started this way back in October and I was intending to give it to my niece as a Christmas present. Unfortunately sewing always manages to take precedence over knitting so I still had the sleeves to finish by Christmas day. My mum also made a version for my niece for Christmas, but when we put it on her, it was too small. As a result, my version was left languishing unfinished whilst I decided what to do with it since mine obviously wouldn’t fit her either. Fortunately a friend has just had a baby girl so I’ve finally finished the sleeves and just need to sew the pieces up and add the button band and it’s done. It’ll be a bit big on my friend’s baby for a while but at least it’ll actually get worn!

Other projects…
Cath Kidston tapestry cushion from her book ‘Stitch’.

The tapestry canvas I need for this has just arrived so I'm planning on getting started on this tonight.

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