Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Flowered Dress Remake

So... have you heard the one about the pretty sundress which has the unfortunate habit of making you look like you were pregnant?

I had this lovely flower print sun-dress, which I really loved the print on but unfortunately, the cut of the dress wasn't remotely flattering since it had an empire line and a full skirt... I had the misfortune whilst wearing it of actually being offered a seat on the bus by  young lad because, I assume, he thought I was pregnant... I had no idea what to say to that so I just took the seat...

Anyway, the result? Well I loved the pattern so figured with these new found sewing skills I must be able to do something with it. Enter So Zoe's blog post on 'The Final Skirt'.

I have no photo evidence of the original dress unfortunately but I thought the skirt pattern in Zoe's post (Simplicity 2451) would be perfect for a remake on this dress and I was right. Feast your eyes on the result!

No longer will some poor unsuspecting teenager wonder whether they should offer an un-pregnant woman a seat!

I can see why Zoe has made so many versions of this skirt. It's comfortable and flattering and perfect with tights in the winter or without in the summer. I cut a straight size 10 and made a muslin to check for fit but didn't have to make any alterations. That's what I call a nice simple project! I definitely think there will be a few other versions of this skirt on the horizon.

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